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Outstanding - a hidden gem

I have been relying on this app for more years than I can count. It has never failed me. It accurately provides all I need to know. I check it each night and again in the morning. It uses NOAA information, including all warnings and advisories. I suggest anyone looking for easily accessible weather information to download it. It is hard to believe that it is free.

Great weather app.

Please Celsius and european metrics on the keys for non US users.

Very nice!

But only works for USA

Ultimate Wx

Best weather program I have seen! Wish it opened with the menu though, not the satellite view. Would like to upgrade to the pro version if I can find it... Will watch for an update.

Best weather app after new version

Great weather detail and stability improvements really helped with latest release. Demanding of resources and after upgrade, adding too many location pins can still cause loading problem, particularly if several other apps open in background.

Pretty accurate

After my iphone5 crashed I had to go to a new iPhone 4S that I had and I guess I didnt back up my apps so I had to go find them all over again. I couldnt find the weather app I had previously so I figured I would try this one. I am impressed at the accuracy of the weather tracking. We had a severe storm go though the other night and the radar in this app was right on. Wish you had more access to other options like my previous app. This will do until I can find the other one.

Crashes Upon Install

Im looking for a great weather app to use on my iPhone and iPad and was hoping this would be the one. Unfortunately it crashes immediately after install. Doesnt even open up. Deleted!

Great App and Support!!

We have a tornado watch in our area and I have been a bit on edge! I wasnt sure about the functions of the app or the upgrade. I emailed the support center and received assistance immediately! The app is very useful and I feel much better. This type of customer service needs to spread!!

Great app!

I use this every day and its always faster than trying to use a web site.

Weather app

Real good app one of the best Ive found

Great app

Good app I use it all the time.

Great app.

Great app. But do have to delete and reload once a month


Not worth the money when youre depending on the weather radio. Dont buy

Good radar but crashes too much

Every time we have severe weather and tornadoes this app wont work. We had an f-4 tornado heading straight for us and all I could get was a blank screen. :P. had to rely on TWC, goforwarn4, and storm shield to tell us what was going on. :(and this was my best radar.


Pro ver 1.2 App displays a black screen even after restarting app.

The Best app out there!! (2.0 version review)

The fact that I can view individual storm cells, check weather forecasts, and even listen to the National Weather Services broadcast for an area is awesome! This is just an extravagant and extraordinary application to track and prepare for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us! Thanks guys!!

June 7th

I love the fact that you can select the "storm cell" category in the weather settings and be told the speed and direction its moving. That feature is only offered in the pro version but it is WELL worth purchasing and if you care to keep reading my review, i will explain to you why I see it fit to purchase the pro version. I am a career Fire Fighter. And the features that this application offers..will absolutely be very helpful to myself and my partners when on shift. I dont particularly like having to cut trees from roadways during any kind of storm. Since i have downloaded this application, I will honestly feel more comfortable stepping off of the engine by being given a relatively accurate direction and intensity of the severe weather nearby. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APPLICATION! Thank you for producing this application and thank you for taking time to read my comment. God Bless and have a safe day.

App Cannot Even Use GPS to Locate Me

App STUBBORNLY and STUPIDLY locates me ten miles from where I am - after I give it my zip code!!! Now THATS stupid. Deleted it!

Better than NWS!

Today this app had a better prediction than the NWS. Hours before NWS dropped their call for severe weather Ultimate had already made the correct prediction.

Very happy with this one

Great app for weather radar seems pretty accurate sometimes freezes up.

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