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Ultimate Weather app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 1280 ratings )
Weather Utilities
Developer: Christopher Coudriet
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 02 Mar 2013
App size: 16.33 Mb

Ultimate Weather is a professional application that anyone who cares about weather should own. Ultimate Weather plugs you directly into NOAAs weather sources to deliver you the most accurate and timely weather data available! Ultimate Weather utilizes touch gestures allowing you to just tap and hold on our exclusive interactive map to drop a pin and get weather data for any where in the world. In addition you can use our search feature to manually add locations.

Ultimate Weather supports an unlimited amount of locations. So drop a pin on your sisters house your mom & dads house or any other relatives you want to keep an eye on the weather for. You can even turn on storm cells to see the track in relation to your added locations.

Ultimate Weather is the most powerful weather app offering you the best weather data combined with the most appealing visual map overlays currently available. If you dont own Ultimate Weather you are surely missing out on the best weather app to land in the App Store.


* Detailed Weather Forecasts
* Temps In Celsius or Fahrenheit
* Wind Speed In Km/h or mph
* NWS Watches, Warnings and Advisories
* Hourly Forecasts Up To 24 hrs
* Weekend Only Forecasts
* 7 Day Forecasts
* 14 Day Forecasts
* Sun & Moon
* Moon Phases
* Climate Normals
* Current Tides


* 6 Animated Overlay Options:

*High-Res Radar *Satellite
*Global Satellite *Visible Satellite
*Current Temps *Current Winds

* 8 Non Animated Options:

*NWS Advisories *NWS Warning Polygons *Snow Depth
*Dew point *Humidity *Wind Chill *Heat Index
*Sea Surface Temps *Current Chlorophyll

* Point Data:

*Storm Cells *Storm Reports *Climate Records
*Earthquakes *Wildfires


* Track Storm Cells With Detailed Precision:

*Position *Observation *Direction
*Speed *Forecast *and much more!

* See Nearby Storm Cells With Detailed Data:

*Distance *Direction *Speed
*Type Of Storm ie; Tornado, Thunderstorm

* See Nearby Storm Reports With Detailed Data:

*Location Of The Report ie; 6 mi SW Atlanta
*Type Of Report ie; Funnel Cloud, Hail
*Who Reported It ie; Storm Chaser, Etc

* See Active Advisories From The NWS:

*Type Of Advisory And When It Expires
*Detailed Description Of Advisory

* See Nearby Detailed Weather Records:

*Type Of Record
*Detailed Information

Disclaimer: Not recommend for non US locations. In addition radar and most map overlays are currently only supported over the continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Pros and cons of Ultimate Weather app for iPhone and iPad

Ultimate Weather app good for

I have been relying on this app for more years than I can count. It has never failed me. It accurately provides all I need to know. I check it each night and again in the morning. It uses NOAA information, including all warnings and advisories. I suggest anyone looking for easily accessible weather information to download it. It is hard to believe that it is free.
Please Celsius and european metrics on the keys for non US users.
Best weather program I have seen! Wish it opened with the menu though, not the satellite view. Would like to upgrade to the pro version if I can find it... Will watch for an update.
Great weather detail and stability improvements really helped with latest release. Demanding of resources and after upgrade, adding too many location pins can still cause loading problem, particularly if several other apps open in background.
After my iphone5 crashed I had to go to a new iPhone 4S that I had and I guess I didnt back up my apps so I had to go find them all over again. I couldnt find the weather app I had previously so I figured I would try this one. I am impressed at the accuracy of the weather tracking. We had a severe storm go though the other night and the radar in this app was right on. Wish you had more access to other options like my previous app. This will do until I can find the other one.

Some bad moments

Im looking for a great weather app to use on my iPhone and iPad and was hoping this would be the one. Unfortunately it crashes immediately after install. Doesnt even open up. Deleted!
We have a tornado watch in our area and I have been a bit on edge! I wasnt sure about the functions of the app or the upgrade. I emailed the support center and received assistance immediately! The app is very useful and I feel much better. This type of customer service needs to spread!!
I use this every day and its always faster than trying to use a web site.
Not worth the money when youre depending on the weather radio. Dont buy
Every time we have severe weather and tornadoes this app wont work. We had an f-4 tornado heading straight for us and all I could get was a blank screen. :P. had to rely on TWC, goforwarn4, and storm shield to tell us what was going on. :(and this was my best radar.
Pro ver 1.2 App displays a black screen even after restarting app.